Saginaw County; Bay, Midland and Genesee Counties below

Downtown Saginaw

James Twp.

I 75 Area Highway Cams, N to South

Downtown Saginaw


Gera, N of Frankenmuth
Birch Run
Live Streaming Downtown Saginaw
or watch HERE
Click to play..sometimes News Special events but mostly Live Streaming of Saginaw, Bay City or Flint

Bay County

Saginaw River mouth at The Bay

I 75 at Wilder Rd.

I 75 at US 10

I 75 at M 84

US 10 Bay City from TV5, looking NW
Downtown Bay City

Genesee County and the Flint Area

I 75 and 475

Burnside, MI south of Marlette

Below, CH 25 Flint Live Stream

I 75 Highway Cams around Flint